About us

Vision Asset Management S.A., active in private wealth management, was founded in 2002. Currently, based in Geneva, in the “Tranchées”, 9 people are at your service.

We focus our activities on private clients.

Several main Swiss banks have trusted us for many years and welcome our clients’ assets in their dedicated departments for independent asset managers.

We are affiliated with SO-FIT, a supervisory body, to FINSOM, a mediation body and we are a member of the GSCGI (Groupement Suisse des Conseils en Gestion Indépendants).

The international financial center, that is Geneva, is recognized for its professionalism and stability. For 20 years, we have been active here and have helped our clients manage their wealth, real estate, legal, and tax planning, thanks to a well-established network.

The relationship we wish to build with you is one of empathy and mutual trust, consisting in providing you, over the long term, our advice and know-how, to achieve your objectives.

Given the uncertainties and frequent changes in the economy and financial markets, the sound advice of an independent asset manager, his freedom and flexibility to decide and implement, reflects in the preservation and growth of your assets.

Founded in 2002

100% Independent

A team of 9