Our strengths

Confidence and solidity

Trust is born from listening, dialogue and understanding.

We are committed to you over the long term and are at your side in the good times but also and especially in the more difficult periods.

Independence and transparency

Transparent in our actions and compensation process, all our decisions are dictated solely by our convictions. 

No conflict of interest in securities selection or other matters will disrupt our relationship. Our objectives are identical to yours and your interests are our priority.

Competence, expertise, and personalization 

This is our core business. Our skills and our rigorous methodology in all stages of selection, allow us to achieve performance while exercising close control of risks.

The lightness of our decision-making structure allows us to react quickly to unforeseen events and thus to adapt our strategy effectively to current events.


We pay particular attention to data protection. 

Banking secrecy still exists for people domiciled in Switzerland and their privacy must be conscientiously protected.