Investment process

We discuss with you all aspects of your life which form the basis of your story to define together a tailor-made approach.
To best advise you, we consider your global wealth. 

The analysis and advisory process

Define your objectives

Define and plan your long-term needs according to your projects and/or your retirement. Analyze your existing portfolio and propose different scenarios. 

To determine your objectives and help you achieve them, we must first listen to you and understand your current situation as well as your future needs and aspirations. To do so, we will determine together at what stage of your life you are in, as well as your tax and inheritance aspects.

Our solutions

To be in line with the evolution of your situation and your concerns. 

Determine your investment profile

Determine your investment profile, define your objectives, and your risk tolerance.

The choice of a strategy is essential because it should, ideally, be maintained over the long term, despite the turbulence that the markets sometimes impose on us. 

We will therefore analyze together your investment horizon, your risk tolerance, and your short-term needs. Finally, once this has been established, your personal preferences will be used to refine your investment strategy and the investment universe in which we will work.

Implementation of the strategy

Optimize your portfolio structure in terms of custody and individualized account management.

Our management team oversees the selection of securities, investment funds, and other investment vehicles, without any conflict of interest and which correspond as closely as possible to your investment profile.

If you wish to invest in certain themes or exclude others, the personalized service that we set up for you will easily allow it.

Strategic Committee

Defines, within the different risk profiles, the allocation of assets according to the prioritized strategic scenario.

Investment Committee

Responsible for the daily implementation of the chosen strategy.

Monitoring & reporting

At each of your visits, we will present you with the official portfolio statement of the bank in which your assets are deposited. Of course, the same applies to telephone or video meetings.

Moreover, the custodian banks we work with offer you e-banking access which allows you, if you wish, to follow the evolution of your assets daily.

We can also provide you with a consolidated report of your assets if you are invested in several banks.