Our mandates

With a management mandate, you entrust us with the management of your bankable assets. Together we choose the custodian bank, the investment strategy, and the reference currency. 

The rest is up to us, depending on your choices, we will invest for you and will organize regular meetings to discuss the evolution of your assets. 

Regularly and according to the evolution of the markets, we will adapt our investment allocation, reflecting market evolution to always respect the strategy.

Discretionary mandate

A thorough understanding of your objectives, your financial and personal situation as well as your needs, will allow our specialist to set up a tailor-made portfolio, which will correspond to your risk and investment profile. A personalized investment strategy will be presented to you and adjusted according to the evolution of the markets.

Transparent exchanges as well as the status of your portfolio are available at any time to be discussed upon your request.

Advisory mandate

Your relationship manager, supported by the asset management team, will regularly suggest targeted investment ideas in line with the predefined strategy.

In the end, the decision to invest is yours. You are free at any time to ask us to buy or sell securities that have caught your interest.